Interviews with experts.


Çetin Meriçli

Co-founder | Locomation

In this episode we discuss the impact that AV technology will have on the trucking industry, how Locomation’s convoy approach differs from fully autonomous and driver assistance systems, and the path to bringing this technology to market over the next few years.

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Co-founder | Humanising Autonomy

In this episode we discuss the challenges AVs face in predicting human behavior, how cultural differences affect the way pedestrians interact with vehicles, and what this all means for the commercial rollout of AVs across the globe.

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Investor | Highland Capital Partners

Before Highland, Rob did strategy at Zoox and earned his JD/MBA from Harvard. In this episode we discuss how AV development is creating opportunities in AI, simulation, and mapping, why Tesla doesn’t use LiDAR, Apple’s acquisition of Drive.ai, and predictions around what current trends mean for the future of the AV landscape.

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PhD Student (City Planning) | University of California, Berkeley

Before Berkeley, Marcel earned his master’s degree in political science from the University of Chicago, and did public policy work at Uber. In this episode we discuss the effects AVs will have on urban planning and public policy, what TNCs like Uber and Lyft will look like in an autonomous future, and Marcel’s predictions for the next 5 years on the broader AV landscape.

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Founder & CTO | Dactle

Before Dactle, Michael worked on aircraft simulation at Lockheed Martin and managed software engineering at NORAD - North America’s Aerospace Defense Command. In this episode we discuss the limitations of using safety drivers to train AVs, and the challenges companies may face as they bring this technology to market in the next few years.


Founder / CEO & Senior Engineer | Applied Intuition

In this episode we discuss why advanced simulation is important for AV development, the cultural differences and similarities between Detroit and Silicon Valley, market dynamics as companies choose between vertical and horizontal development strategies, and predictions for the future of the autonomy revolution.

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Mobility Solutions Expert | Beryl

Sarah co-authored a white paper on the effects AVs will have on our future cities, published at the 2018 World Cities Summit in Singapore. In this episode we discuss the key takeaways from that paper, the role cities should play as AV technology hits the streets, and Sarah’s predictions for the next five years on the broader mobility ecosystem.


Founder | Civil Maps

In this episode we discuss how autonomous vehicles use HD maps to build an understanding of their environment, regulation challenges as major players go to market, and an open source project named Apollo which has many US companies uploading detailed map information of US cities to a cloud hosted by Chinese internet giant Baidu.


Partner | Lux Capital

In this episode we discuss Shahin’s investments in Zoox and Aeva, the evolution of the automotive industry, regulatory and public adoption challenges, and his predictions for the next 5-10 years on the autonomous vehicles space.